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72 Hours in LA.

72 Hours in LA.

Have you ever heard of The Law of Attraction?
It's the name given to the maxim "like attracts like", which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

You put yourself out there into the universe, and the universe will give back.
Coincidence and fate are two things trying to tell you something, and they're two things that were very present during my 72 hours in LA.

I decided to spend such a short time in LA because of the Puppy-Mum duties that I currently have back home. In a way, I actually loved spending such a short time there, because it really pushed me to make the most of every second that I had in LA.

Upon my arrival at LAX, I felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity with everything that surrounded me. It's strange to think that I've been to LA 3 times in the past year, and so strange that I'm already starting to know how to find my way around like a local can.

Bella Fiori, another Australian Youtuber, arrived at LAX just before I did so we decided to get a taxi to our hotel together. I had a great time getting to know Bella on the trip, and she reminds me so much of the way I was at 19. She's a lovely girl, and it was her first time attending a beauty event in the US. I spent the majority of my time with Bella and Brittney Saunders, and I felt so incredibly comfortable around them, to the point where it felt that we'd all been friends for years.

Arriving at The Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood at 7am, we were incredibly doubtful that our rooms would be ready, and were dreading having to walk around LA smelling and looking like we definitely just took a long haul 15 hour flight.

We were absolutely thrilled that we were able to access our rooms early, so we all decided to sleep off our jet lag for a few hours, and then I set up a group chat with the Australian Youtubers (Brittney, Bella, Chloe & Shani) to put myself out there and ask them all if they'd like to hang out later on in the day. 

I woke up around mid day, and spent a good 30 minutes gazing out of my hotel window to a beautiful view of West Hollywood. The day you arrive in a country after a long haul flight is always the most bizarre, and your entire body is incredibly disorientated, dizzy and confused. I looked out of that window and started to realise that I was actually here. I was in a beautiful hotel in LA, and I couldn't be happier to be there.

As the day went on, I really wanted to make sure I got outside of my hotel room and spent some time exploring. As I've always personally felt slightly unsafe walking around LA, I normally avoid doing so unless I have someone walking with me. Because of this, I wanted to wait until one of the girls woke up before I wandered outside to find some food. 

Luckily, Bella woke up as I was about to leave, and we headed off to my favourite little place in LA - Barney's Beanery. I met Amy Adams there the first time I visited LA, as she offered me her booth when she was leaving, and I literally could not speak because I was in so much shock that she was actually standing in front of me.

Later on in the day, Chloe and Shani decided to do their own thing, so Bella, Brittney and I wandered around and explored the streets near our hotel, commenting on the differences we observed between the US and Australia, and realising we have to change the way we speak so people understand us - eg never ask an American where their bin or toilet is, ask them where their trash can or bathroom is - haha!

I had a really lovely evening with them both, and as we were sitting at our hotel bar my phone lit up with a message from a new YouTube friend I have, Erik, who is based in NYC, saying that as coincidental as it was, he was about to be in LA for 24 hours too. 

The following day was the day that we were all there for - the Too Faced Sweet Peach Party. As the event didn't start until 7pm, Bella and I decided to venture around the shops in LA and grab some goodies.
Of course, I went into Bath & Body Works and wanted to buy the entire store. I actually deliberately under-packed my suitcase so that I would have enough room to bring some candles back with me... Obsessed? Me? Nah...

The whole day, I had this amazing feeling throughout my whole body from the moment I woke up to the moment I fell asleep. 
That feeling was happiness.
I felt nothing but pure happiness, all day. 
It was the most liberating feeling to attend the Too Faced event that night, and not have a single tiny feeling of anything but happiness all night.
I didn't feel a single shake of anxiety, nor did I hear a single paranoid thought.
I can't explain to you how wonderful that felt. 
That never happens.

It really made me believe in that one quote that I wish I could tattoo across my mind so that I could always remember it,
"What a wonderful feeling it is knowing that some of the best days of your life haven't happened yet."

I chatted with so many lovely YouTubers, and all the planning that went into that event was incredible. The entire room smelt like peaches, and the decor was out of this world. 
Everyone at the event was so lovely, and I felt incredibly welcome. It was refreshing to attend an event with other international YouTubers, as I'm normally the only one.

Too Faced 3.jpg
Too Faced 4.jpg

I think it's safe to say that it was my favourite event that I've ever attended. 
I'm so incredibly grateful to Too Faced Cosmetics for not only covering our travel, but also throwing the most incredible and spectacular event that I've ever seen.

I remember telling myself in my head "I don't want this night to end. I don't want this happy feeling to end. I wish this night could last forever" and before I knew it, it was 2am and I was stuffing my face with junk food with Bella at a diner around the corner from our hotel. 
We had such a fun time there, and we were both trying to sober up as fast as we could, because I had a breakfast a few hours later with Erik, and Bella was also meeting another YouTuber in the morning.

A mere 3 hour sleep later, a very hungover, jetlagged, but still incredibly happy Dani woke up at 7am. I had to start packing my suitcase as I was checking out that morning, and also had to rush to get ready for my breakfast.

Walking to the glamourous IHOP where Erik and I were meeting, which we chose because it was the most American thing we could do, I started to think about The Law of Attraction. I thought, how funny it is, that I put it out there to the universe a few weeks ago, that I wanted to connect with more creative / film maker / vlog style YouTubers, and here I am walking down to get breakfast with someone who is all of those things, who coincidentally happened to be the exact same place as I was for only 24 hours.

During our breakfast, we kept commenting on how crazy it is that we happened to be in the same place in the same time, even though we live on opposite sides of the world. It was great to chat to a creative YouTuber, and also share our daily struggles with our job, as well as feel blessed about all the amazing opportunities it grants us. 

You put something out there to the world, and the world will give it back.

For the remainder of my last day, I had various business meetings with my agency, and then wandered around LA and felt an overwhelming sense of content. I felt so peaceful, and so happy.
I spent a lot of hours at The Grove, which had the most amazing Christmas display with beautiful trees, lights and music. The Grove is an outdoor shopping mall, yet I wasn't interested in doing any shopping, I was so content just sitting on a little bench and watching the families around me enjoy the festivities. 
Northern Hemisphere Christmas' give me the most overwhelming sense of nostalgia, and I really can't explain with words how it makes my heart feel. I spent hours sitting on that bench listening to the christmas music and watching the world around me, and I absolutely loved it.
I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world at that very moment.

I had the most incredible 72 hours in LA, and you can watch it all here:

Love always,
Danielle. x


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