The girl behind the screen...

Hey you, I'm Danielle Mansutti. Good luck trying to pronounce my last name correctly, even I struggle with it sometimes.

I'm a twenty two year old with an old soul living inside of me, a lover of all things creative and an absolute crazy dog woman.

I live for the moments that become the stories I can tell my children one day. I'm a traveller at heart, and a lover of new experiences in foreign places.

Once upon a time when I was nineteen years old, I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom closed off from the world. I wished that there was a magic way I could gain confidence and become one of those happy, outgoing people that I so often aspire to be.

I dusted off an old DSLR camera that I hadn't touched since my photography course, and placed it onto a box on my desk. I pointed the camera directly at me, and I hit record.

I spoke to a camera alone in my bedroom, hoping to improve on both my makeup and public speaking skills. I uploaded the video file onto Youtube, carried on with my day, to then check my video a day later and see that 6,000 people were already watching me through their screens.

Fast forward to a few years later, and here I am, sitting in my apartment writing this post. More than a million people have followed my journey, and have watched me grow up online. 

This blog is a journal of my thoughts, feelings and experiences as a shy girl in the public eye.

You will read posts about love, loneliness, heartbreak, friendships, travel, mental health awareness, beauty, fitness, health and my life.

I hope you enjoy, and I love you forever.

Danielle. x

Australia: jill@maxconnectors.com.au
International: business@danimansutti.com